SPOKANE, Wash. -- An 8-year-old girl was released from the hospital Friday after being attacked by a pit bull the day before in North Spokane.

The same dog also attacked a neighbor who tried to save her, according to Spokane Police.

WATCH: Spokane man fights off attacking pit bull with shovel

KREM 2 News learned the attack was so bad, the girl, named Diamond, received more than 100 stitches. It was an experience the Diamond s mother hopes she will never have to see again.

So they took me around the corner, and sure enough it was my daughter on the concrete, and her arms were ate up, said Nakia Roberts. She was bleeding from the head. It was just blood everywhere and it was kind of scary.

The attack happened Thursday evening. The dog's owner said she was not home at the time. Neighbor Craig Randleman was, though, and rushed to help.

They were really on her, it was really terrible, said Randleman.

He managed to kick the dog, before it turned on him.

Her arms were all torn up and she had a pretty good cut on her, blood on her head. But then the dog came at me and he got me in the face, said Randleman.

That dog also bit Craig on both of his arms. Eventually, another man heard the commotion and fought the dog off with 15 blows from a shovel. In the commotion, the pit bull bit that man three times as well.

According to medics, the little girl barely escaped with her life.

I was so scared for her because she was so panicky and shaken and everything, said Roberts.

SCRAPS is now investigating both the dog and its owner, Kathy Southern.

The organization will make the determination if the animal will have to be registered as either a dangerous or extremely dangerous dog. That would mean Southern would have to meet certain requirements in order to keep the dog. If she did not, then SCRAPS would be forced to euthanize the animal.

At the same time, SCRAPS is looking into whether Southern broke the law by having a dog with vicious propensities. That is a crime punishable by up to 90 days in jail or a $1,000 dollar fine.

Regardless of the outcome, Roberts said the attack has left her daughter traumatized.

But she doesn't want to be around dogs anymore, Roberts said. And she was worried she would still have nightmares about it and stuff like that. So she was pretty shook up.

*On KREM 2 at 11:00 on Thursday, you may have noticed something strange at the end of Mike Gonzalez s live report on a dog attack. The owner of the dog appeared in the live shot to talk to our crew. We have attached the clip that aired on TV. Click


to see what did not air on TV to put the situation into better context..

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