BOISE -- Details from a 911 call in Owyhee County detail the frightening aftermath of an off-road crash that killed a 21-year-old Melba woman Wednesday.

The Owyhee County Sheriff's Office says 36-year-old Jake Canoy, his girlfriend Sara Bronson, and Canoy's two sons were on a camping trip when the incident happened.

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The group of four was off-roading in a remote area when their SUV rolled down a steep ridge near Hemingway Butte. The crash injured Canoy and his children. Bronson died at the scene.


As investigators try to figure out what happened, Canoy tries to explain what happened in a frantic call for help.

Dispatch: Owyhee County 911, what's the address to your emergency?

Canoy: We're... uh... We're out Reynolds Creek.

You can hear the struggle as Canoy tries to describe his location, a remote area in the Owyhee foothills.

Canoy: We blew a tire, and went down a cliff side. I have a 5-year-old and an 8-year-old, and we are all very injured. My girlfriend is pinned underneath the truck.

The dispatchers tried to figure out exactly where the crash was located as responders rush to the area.

Dispatch: Can you tell me exactly what road you are on?

Canoy: I can't... I'm on the backside of the the Owyhees.

The Owyhee County Sheriff's Office says the group was driving in a rocky, rough area, but no one was wearing a seat belt.

As responders tried to find them, Canoy says it was flat tire that contributed to the deadly accident.

Canoy: My back tire blew, and we just went over, my family and my children... Please hurry, please...she's not going to make it, and my kids been hurt bad, please hurry.

Rescuers eventually located the group via helicopter and guided ground searchers to the crash site. That's when Bronson was pronounced dead on the scene.

Canoy is still at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise and is now listed in fair condition.

As for Canoy's two children, we're told they both sustained injuries. One child suffered a broken wrist.

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