BOISE -- If you use parking garages in downtown Boise, you know that getting out of those garages after a big event or during the rush hour, can sometimes be a real headache. But, changes are coming that should help garage gridlock.

Max Clark is the Parking and Facilities Director for Boise's Capitol City Development Corporation. It is exciting.

He says, all six of CCDC's parking garages are moving to a brand new payment system, Rather than paying at the booth as you leave the garage, we want you to pay before you go back to your car, and then, insert your ticket in the pay station as you leave.

It's a similar system to the one at Boise Airport's new garage. Clark says it's partly a response to the most common complaint he hears, that it takes too long to get out of the garages during rush hours or after events, The whole idea is to speed up the transition and speed up the exiting.

Clark says the change will allow garages to stay open 24/7. After drivers get used to the change, attendants will be taken out of their booths completely. The bottom line is operational efficiency, says Clark. We have very good attendants, but the majority of their day is quite uneventful.

But, attendants will never be phased out completely. Also, there are no plans to layoff any attendants right now, because they'll be needed at the kiosks to help people through the changes.

Clark says after this significant one-time investment, the new equipment pays for itself, so fees will not go up. Also, CCDC will hopefully save money in the long-run, thanks to making the whole process more efficient.

Clark says, We save money. We're able to spend more money to keep the garages operating well, and perhaps build more in the future, by those operational efficiencies and savings. And hopefully, you'll be able to manage your time better knowing that when you come here, it'll be a quicker exit.

Two garages already have the new equipment, Eastman and City Center. The Grove Street garage should be next, and all of CCDC's garages should have the new equipment by mid-May.

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