KUNA -- The last six months have been particularly difficult for many in Kuna -- with two high school football players hospitalized and the tragic death of a 6th grader in a school bus crash.

Medical bills continue to pile up for two families, while another family continues to deal with the loss of their son.

But through it all, a strong father is taking all this tragedy and turning it into a place for positive support.

This started as inspiration from Daniel, said Rob Cook. He had a huge heart.

Cook created a website called Kuna's Hero Trio. It's dedicated to the three young people at the center of the tragic events in November and December of 2013.

The first happened in November when Boone Bartlome suffered a spinal injury during a football game.

A few weeks later, Cook's son, Daniel, died when the school bus he was riding in was hit by a truck.

Then around Christmas, Kuna High junior Elijah Minnick went into septic shock; his organs began to shut down and he fell into a coma. He is recovering, and like Boone, is beginning to regain his strength.

Cook hopes the Kuna Hero Trio website will help life go on for these families.

Each young man's story is featured on the site. And each tells the tale of a different kind of hero -- The champion, the warrior, and the friend.

For Cook, creating the website, was a way of moving forward, while helping other struggling families.

The one word that I have avoided since we lost Daniel was 'healing.' I prefer the word 'adjustment,' but I am kind of getting the sense that it might be time to change my wording and helping others helps us.

And if another family is struck with tragedy, Cook hopes this site will help them heal too.

We want to champion the good causes and we want to fight for families and show support and love in the future, he said.

On the website, you will find a place to buy t-shirts or donate to the cause.

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