EAGLE -- Avimor sat silent for years during the economic downturn.

Now, the subdivision tucked alongside Highway 55 north of Eagle, is coming to life. After years of little to no growth, Avimor is building again.

A new community center, complete with a library, as well as indoor and outdoor pools, will soon be completed.

And bigger plans are in the works.

The Eagle City Council is considering a possible annexation of the area. In his State of the City address last month, Eagle Mayor James Reynolds said annexing the area is a top priority for 2014. The new infrastructure would allow the city to build a light industrial complex nearby, and according to Reynolds, bring in upwards of 10,000 jobs to the city.

Now that the development is back on track, managers say the future is bright.

It's real fortunate the way Avimor was formed with no debt or anything so that we could just dim our lights during the recession and open back up when things get better, said general manager Dan Richter. It's coming around just the way we anticipated.

A ribbon cutting for the new community center is planned for sometime in April.

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