FILER -- The Filer Police Department released the formal investigation by the Nampa Police Department regarding an incident in Filer, in which an officer shot and killed a dog.

The city of Filer requested that the Nampa Police Department do an independent internal investigation into the situation.

We contacted the Filer Police Chief for reaction to the report, but he was not available.


In the 12 page report, Sgt. Tim Randall with the Nampa Police reviews in-car video from Officer Tarek Hassani's patrol car, and interviews those involved with the call on February 8th.

In the report, Randall says the officer's interest of safety could provide sound justification for shooting the dog, but adds, the argument is less convincing given the fact that the officer had prior information that the dogs might be aggressive and his failure to develop or consider any realistic non-lethal plan for dealing with the dogs was not reasonable.

The report says at the time of the shooting officer Hassani feared for his safety, providing justification for shooting the dog.

But it also criticized the officer's actions during the incident.

In the report, Randall questions why Hassani didn't simply stay in his car, call the dogs owner, or call for back up.

It says Hassani stated he did not consider that saying it was his job to respond to the dogs at large call.

Randall also asked why Hassani didn't use a taser, a catch pole, or a baton, all of which the officer had that day.

Officer Hassani said he was taught not to use a taser on a dog and was concerned for his safety.

The report also mentions a previous incident where Officer Hassani was bitten by a dog.


Rick Clubb has admitted all along that his dogs were at large that day, and he also admits it was not the first time neighbors complained about his dogs.

However, Clubb maintains that his dogs never acted aggressively, and his 7-year-old black lab, Hooch, should not have been shot.

That's all he was doing here was protecting his property, where he shot him at was right there and he died right there by the tree, said Clubb.

We showed Clubb the report on Tuesday, and he said he was disappointed, but not surprised.

He didn't have to shoot him right in our neighborhood with kids running around, birthday party, that's just ridiculous, that's a trigger happy cop, said Clubb.

Clubb says he will keep pushing to get Officer Hassani fired, and is planning to file a lawsuit against the Filer Police Department.

Oh yeah, most definitely disappointed, but we're not going to stop here, there's no way we will stop here, said Clubb.


Filer Mayor Rick Dunn tells us Officer Hassani is still on paid administrative leave as the city council considers his future.

There will be a chance for the public to voice their opinion on this case to the Filer city council and Mayor at an open forum, Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Mayor Dunn says each person will have two minutes to give their opinion on the case.

Dunn tells us the city council reviewed the report in an executive session Monday night, but wants to hear from the public as well.

He says they are also reviewing their policies when it comes to animal control.

Read the full report here.


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