NORTH IDAHO--Classes were cancelled for a second day on Tuesday in the Kootenai School District, east of Lake Coeur d Alene.

High water Monday flooded the boiler room at the junior high, causing the school to lose heat and water. Students were forced to stay home due to washed out roads which were deemed too dangerous for buses.

School was cancelled for the nearly 220 students in the rural district that serves Harrison and Carlin Bay.

High School teacher Andrew Whipple was surprised when he showed up to work. He and other teachers traded their text books for work boots.

We grabbed our shovels and our hip waders and started to digging out some of the ditches out around the high school, said Whipple.

Buses had nowhere to go and students had no way to get to school.

So if all the back roads are washed out, a lot of times there's not even a route to get around it. You just got to wait for the county of highway department to fix it, said junior high teacher Julie Taylor-Boyd.

School was set to resume Wednesday. The District will have to make up the missed days.

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