SEATTLE -- Emotions are still raw for Jim Terry.

We would have just had our 40th anniversary a couple of days ago, explained Terry.

His wife Roxann became unexpectedly ill over Christmas and passed away just weeks later.

My feelings have been pretty tender. My birthday was January 12. The funeral was the next day, said Terry.

Terry never expected to spend his birthday planning a funeral. Instead he was supposed to be celebrating in Disneyland with his family. Roxann had booked the trip on Allegiant Air back in October.

Have (my) birthday at the Blue Bayou Cafe at Disneyland and then come back Monday the 13th. But it didn't work out, said Terry.

Terry called Allegiant and explained the situation. He was hopeful the airline would offer a refund.

They told me well, no we don't do refunds. Our policy is no refunds under any condition, said Terry.

The company offered to reschedule the trip but Jim used all his vacation time caring for his wife. Plus, his family could really use the $1,000 spent on airline tickets.

I still have to buy a grave marker for my wife. There are still some large co-pays that I have to pay, explained Terry.

Terry wrote a letter to Allegiant and the company told him it would have a response in two months. Not wanting to wait that long, Jim decided to call me.

I understand company policies and everything but I also understand that they don't have to be cast in concrete. You know, there can be an exception, some extraordinary circumstance or something, said Terry.

When I called Allegiant, they didn't even mention rescheduling. I was told Jim was out; not even a sorry.

In a statement Allegiant says, All of our itineraries are nonrefundable (as stated in the terms and conditions), however, we do offer a TripFlex product that customers may purchase at time of booking. TripFlex allows customers to make unexpected changes to their itinerary with no additional fee.

Travel insurance is a good idea but remember, it doesn't cover everything either so look at the policy before jumping in. Jim tells me he didn't know Roxann hadn't bought travel insurance.

Now he's forced to focus his energy on the bigger picture ahead.

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