BOISE-- American skiers competing in the 2014 Sochi Olympics share a connection with Idaho, even though they're racing more than 6,000 miles away.

Their ski tuning tools - like files, measuring devices, and waxing gear - are manufactured in a Boise facility.

Sun Valley Ski Tools employs more than 30 people and supplies thousands of products used in ski tuning, flyfishing, and custom motorcycles.

The company is also an official sponsor of the U.S. Ski Team.

Here, technicians like Bill Larkin design and build a variety of outdoor gear using computers and custom CNC fabricating machines. The products are distributed throughout the world.

It's almost hard to believe founder Jim Vermillion and his wife Norma started the business in their Sun Valley, Idaho garage 23 years ago.

What isn't hard to believe is both share a good sense of humor and a common path to success.

When times get tough, she fires me, and I fire her, Jim Vermillion says with a candid chuckle. We both walk out, then come back.

Replying with a quick wit, Norma Vermillion shoots back I bet I've been fired more than any other female in the valley.

Jim and Norma have transformed Sun Valley Ski Tools into a global, multi-million dollar company with distribution in Europe, Japan, New Zealand, and South America.

The company moved to Boise in the early 90s, and soon began developing partnerships with the U.S. Ski Team.

They've watched their gear help world-class skiers travel at eye-watering speeds for more than a decade.

We've had the opportunity to work with such great athletes as Tommy Moe, Picabo Street, one that's going to be in the Olympics this year, a great, young female skier, Stacy Cook, Jim says.

Norma points out that SVSTalso does custom boot-fitting, sell skis, helmets, clothing, and offers scholarships to young athletes.

For both, the growth of Sun Valley Ski Tools is rewarding, but Jim says the pursuit of the couples' passion is priceless.

If you can turn your passion and lifestyle into an occupation, you never go to work, Vermillion says. You're going and enjoying every day your doors are open.

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