BOISE -- Wheelchair rugby, also known as 'murderball,' is a hard hitting, aggressive, and action packed sport.

Now Boise has its own quad rugby team. And the Boise Bombers are making a name for themselves, thanks to one man who made a dream come true.

When I was injured back in 2000, Boise didn't have anything like this, said Spencer Larimore.

But in 2011, Larimore changed all that.

That was my goal, to get a bunch of people together and get a team going, and here we are.

In November, Boise hosted it's first ever quad rugby tournament, inviting teams from all over the country. There are 50 teams in the United States Quad Rugby Association.

We have to travel a lot, it costs a lot of money, fundraising, sponsorships, said team member Josiah Sullivan who was paralized in a rollover crash in 2007. I was really active, into sports, loved the hard hitting sports.

This was just what he needed. Josiah says joining this team is the best thing he's done for himself since his injury.

Best part, just getting around with a bunch of other guys in similar situations to me in chairs, and show that we can still do stuff and have fun in sports and stuff, said Sullivan.

Sullivan's mom, Leann, says the team has brought out the best in her son.

He wasn't expected to do any of this, and to see the competitive spirit that comes out in him is amazing, she said.

The Boise Bombers are a non-profit and they raise their own funds.

None of it would have happened without Spencer Larimore and his passion to make the team a reality.

We scraped together all of the quads in the Treasure Valley that we could, and you know, this is our team, ##### .

He's now seeing his dream come true.

For more information on the Boise Bombers, and how you can get involved or donate, click here.

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