BOISE There's a lot of focus right now on being fit and healthy. The St. Luke's $10,000 Weight Loss Challenge is well under way and many people made New Year s resolutions to be healthier.

A group of friends are determined to do just that and do it together.

Every week for the past four weeks, a group of men who work for Ada County decided to forgo their lunch break all for the purpose of getting fit.

Six men, co-workers, work and sweat together.

This is absolutely fun, said Kurt Hunt. It didn't look like fun. It is now, I'm done. (Laugh)

Thursday was day four of week four. The theme -- sweat fest.

There are some crazy things like with these hay bales that I've come up with, but I pull resources from a lot of different avenues, said Eric Estes who leads the group workouts.

But what makes these men different and this group is they're doing this all at the Ada County landfill. And their equipment? Most of it is salvaged.

Most of this we got looking through the landfill, the wood pile, just odds and end stuff that we've acquired, said Kurt Hunt.

Outside of the jump ropes and exercise balls their equipment is literally junk or at least it was.

Just out of the landfill, so it's salvaged material, reused, recycled, said Ted Hutchinson, Deputy Solid Waste Director, Ada County.

We re talking old tires, cinder blocks, old rope, wood and metal bars.

We all came together and we started piecing these random objects together to make, as you can see, pull up bars, dip bars and sit up machines, said Estes.

After weeks of working out in dirty, inversion riddled air, the sun was out Thursday for this wide-ranging group that includes the head of the landfill.

Our youngest one is 22 and I'm (mumbled), said Hutchinson, who later admitted he is 58 years old.

What started out as simply an exercise plan turned into much more and is rolling over into their job at the dump.

They're a great team, said Hutchinson. They back each other up, they help each other out.

My real goal is to lose 50 pounds and just tone up, said Hunt.

My end goal is survival. (Laugh) Actually weight loss and physical conditioning, said Hutchinson.

I love the fact that we're here doing it together and we're doing it every day, nobody is quitting, said Estes.

In the four weeks these men have been working out, five of them have been tracking their weight. In that span of time they've lost a combined total of 40 pounds. They hope to lose even more in the coming weeks.

In addition to their workout routine the men have also vowed to eat healthier; less fast food and a lot more fruits and vegetables.

They say it's all paying off and they feel great.

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