BOISE -- Boise Fry Company was started by an Idahoan and Boise State Graduate who is now bringing his business to the next level. He is taking their fries with burgers on the side concept to fry fans in more places.

Six months after leaving his job with the federal government, Blake Lingle opened the first Boise Fry Company.

I always kind of thought it was interesting that you never really got to choose your fries, they were always sort of just thrust upon you, said Boise Fry Company co-founder and co-owner, Blake Lingle. I jotted it down that maybe it'd be cool to start a restaurant one day that focused more on fries and fry options.

Since 2009, Lingle opened two additional Boise Fry Company locations in the City of Trees.

Over the last couple years we've had a lot of people that have courted us, asking us about franchising, said Lingle.

After seriously considering and vetting about a dozen people, Boise Fry Company is set to expand with three more franchises -- in Meridian; Portland, Oregon; and Austin, Texas. They have two more locations in the works, but are still early in the process with those.

Lingle said the new franchises are all going to have the same basic framework, menu, and the focus on fries.

One thing that's been very important to us, to the point where we really stress this in all of our legal documents is that they have to be able to source certain items within certain radiuses of their location, said Lingle. So as a result of those requirements, their menus will inherently look different because they're not going to be able to get some of the same things that we can get here in Boise.

Boise Fry Company already has a relationship with a potato farmer in Southern Idaho. 75 to 80 percent of the potatoes they use come from a farm near Buhl. They are also looking to partner with a cattle rancher.

Boise Fry Company will be making the sauces and salts at one store here and shipping them to other locations. They'll also be sending some of their employees to the new franchises to make sure the same flavor carries through to all the locations.

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