BOISE -- Boise firefighters put their ice rescue training to the test Friday when they got a call about a calf in danger in Hidden Springs.

The Boise Fire Department provided KTVB with some helmet cam video from the rescue.

Firefighters got the call around one o'clock Friday afternoon. And when they arrived, several people were already trying to save the calf from a pond.

The calf's owner and two others managed to get a rope around the calf but things were getting a little dangerous.

Two of those people broke through the ice, but were able to get out of the water safely.

That's when firefighters took over.

They used an ax to cut through the ice and drag the 300-pound calf out of the icy water. It took several firefighters to pull the calf out.

The calf had been in the water for at least an hour and was very weak. Firefighters got the calf warm and carried it inside where they gave it oxygen.

Firefighters train regularly for ice rescues and say to call them if there is a problem so you don't become a victim as well.

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