MCCALL, Idaho -- McCall Police Chief Justin Williams says two people wanted in connection with the armed robbery of an ATM on Friday have been arrested in Ogden, Utah. The pair were taken into custody Sunday morning.

FBI agents arrested 34-year-old Nathan Paul Davenport and 39-year-old Matthew Taber Annable on charges of theft and aiding and abetting.

The McCall Police Department is working with the FBI on this case.

At this point, Williams says the two suspects are not facing federal charges for the McCall robbery. They are currently being held on charges from another state.


Authorities have discovered a two-tone green pickup linked to an armed robbery suspect who fired shots at police officers last Friday.

Williams says the stolen truck was found Saturday at a home on Elo Road south of McCall. Police believe the truck with Idaho plates was abandoned at this location.

Williams says there was evidence found in vehicle but wouldn't go into further detail.


Witnesses told police they saw a masked man breaking into an external ATM at the Idaho First Bank on Deinhard Lane in McCall around 9 p.m.Friday. It s unknown if the man got away with any money before leaving the bank.

However, witnesses were able to give police a description of the get-away vehicle, as well as the direction it was headed. Police quickly found the truck on a residential street and gave pursuit.


According to police, that's when the man fired a gun at officers on two occasions, both times stopping his truck and exiting the vehicle to take aim.

Williams says the suspect fired an alarming amount of rounds from a .223 caliber assault rifle causing damage to some patrol cars. One car's engine block was hit, and another's tires were blown out.

No officers were injured in the incident but were forced to stop at the southern edge of town because the bullets disabled their vehicles.

Shortly afterward, McCall police officers continued to pursue the suspect. They were assisted by Idaho State Police, Valley County Sheriff s Office, Adams County Sheriff s Office, Cascade Police and officers with the Idaho Fish and Game.

Authorities searched for nearly four hours before they called off the search around 1 a.m. Saturday.

Williams says local law enforcement is working with the FBI, and they believe the suspects may have committed similar crimes.

We do know who the suspects are. It's a matter of taking them into custody, said Williams.

Police do not believe the suspects are local and say it's not likely they are still in the area.

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