BOISE-- Being in the spotlight does not intimidate the winner of this week's Distinguished Student Award. In fact, you could say Columbia High School Senior Sophie Myers is setting the stage for a life filled with drama (the good kind).

Myers is an actress, volunteer, and vice president of the student body.

During her brief career onstage, Myers has played the pink-haired Frenchy in Grease, appeared in West Side Story, even had an apprenticeship with the Idaho Shakespeare Festival.

I can't think of anything else that I would rather do with my life, Myers told KTVB.


I think it's the interaction with the audience. They're giving so much energy to you as a performer that it just heightens your whole entire performance experience.

Sophie not only performs for fun, she does so with a purpose to help others. That's because her audience is quite different when she does presentations for T.A.T.U. - or Teens Against Tobacco Use in front of elementary students.

I think it's important for kids to know that it's up to them to choose their health, and even if their parents smoke, they can choose not to, saidMeyers.

In her role as student body vice president, Sophie meets with administrators to give the student perspective on big issues.

It's nice to see both sides of everything and to know that there are two or three or maybe four sides of every story, she says.

Sophie also boasts star-like qualities in the classroom, achieving straight A's all 4 years of high school.

She wants to study theater in college, but knows how tough it will be to have a career in acting.

That's why I want to get a good education in more ways than just theater because I don't want to pigeon hole myself in one place, said Myers.

However, her heart is definitely on stage, and she can't wait for the curtain to go up on the next act of her life. Sophie Myers. the winner of this week's DSA.

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