TOUTLE, Wash. -- A mom in Toutle, Wash. said she gave her son what she thought was an innocent Christmas gift, but when the 16-year-old put his new hoodie on, she says he got poked by a syringe.

Nanette Snyder said she bought the hoodie new at the Wal-Mart in Longview.

Tom Basye, Snyder's boyfriend, said there was a second one in the sweater too and both appeared to be used with traces of blood on them.

You do not expect on Christmas morning to be opening presents to find dirty used needles in your Christmas present, Basye said.

Wal-mart said they're looking into the claim.

The son was tested for HIV and hepatitis. The family is waiting on those results and will keep getting tests for the next six months.

He s hanging in there still pretty distraught about the whole situation, Basye said. He ll feel better after all the blood work comes.


KGW reporter Tim Gordon contributed to this report.

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