BOISE -- The Ada County Commissioners hosted a meeting Wednesday night to get feedback from the public on the planned terrain park at the Ada Eagle Sports Complex, and what the public wants to see happen.

There were people there to speak their minds on both sides of the issue, including those who feel strongly for and against the park.

Those in favor of the park cited a need for more healthy activities for kids, the opportunity to grow business and draw people across the valley, and giving beginners a good place to learn to ski and snowboard.

People against the park were concerned with noise, traffic, environmental impacts and taking away open space.

They're concerned about money, it's all about money and not the citizens of Eagle, said Patrick Chapman.

Dave Prouty said, Get away from their computers and their iPads and start to spend time on their feet, on their snowboards, on their skis, on their innertubes, and I think this is an excellent fit for that kind of opportunity.

So I think that this is a wonderful opportunity for the community. I actually think it's going to be beneficial to Bogus Basin because it's going to relieve some of the pressure on them, said Lyra Manning.

Ryan Neptune, the man behind Gateway Parks, was at the meeting and spoke briefly.

Several people who testified said they were glad that Ada County gave an opportunity for public comment.

There is a chance a decision on what to do with the park property will be made at a meeting Thursday, but the two parties have a lot to go over.

Thursday s meeting will be held at the Ada County Courthouse at 10:30 a.m., even though it s open to the public, they won t be taking public comment.

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