BOISE -- A 20-year-old Boise man will spend the next 10 months in the Ada County Jail after being convicted Friday of reckless driving in a brutal hit-and-run crash last August.

John Taylor French was convicted of misdemeanor reckless driving and sentenced to six months in jail.

French struck and critically injured 24-year-old Alan Beavers with his SUV as Beavers crossed Chinden Boulevard on foot the night of Saturday, August 24. Officers estimate his SUV was traveling 50 to 60 MPH.

Judge Patrick Owen withheld judgment on two other charges stemming from the case -- leaving the scene of an injury crash, and destruction of evidence. Owen instead placed French on probation for 10 years, and stipulated he serve an additional 180 days of consecutive jail time in exchange for withholding judgment.

The 20-year-old pleaded guilty to the two felony charges in October.

Jonathan Medema, Deputy Prosecutor asked that the court require French to spend a year in custody.

French did not post bond after his initial arrest, and will get credit for about two months of jail time served.

Monty Beavers, Alan's father, says he's OK with the sentence. From all reports, it sounded like he is an OK guy. He just made a really, really, stupid decision leaving our son laying in the road... I'm glad he is being punished, and I think the punishment was fair.

Anita Beavers, Alan's mother, said French apologized to Alan in court, and for what he did to the Beavers family. It was nice to hear, and I want to believe that he was sincere about it.

If French violates that probation or doesn't behave in jail, he'll go back before the Judge and face a, likely, much stricter sentence for those crimes. Anita says, that will be the true test of whether or not French is truly sorry. How he lives the rest of his life will really tell the tale.

Anita said that she told French in court that she forgave him. I told him I did forgive him, and it wasn't for Mr. French to feel better. It helps me, because then I don't harbor any bad thoughts towards him.

Alan Beavers, meanwhile, continues to recover. He is walking, talking and remembering more every day. That's miraculous, considering he was in a coma after the accident, with many broken bones, a lacerated liver, fractures in his face, and bruising on his brain.

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