BOISE -- The recovery for a Kuna High School student continues. But progress in Boone Bartlome's recovery was seen this weekend after a video was posted on his Facebook page of Boone moving his thumb.

Boone is currently at a rehab hospital in Denver.

He broke his C4 vertebrae after colliding on the football field with another player. His body is mostly numb.

But now that he is in Denver, Facebook has been the big way Boone is showing others his improvements.

It's a small movement, but it's as clear as day, Boone was able to move his thumb.

His sister Bailey Jo told us this is a good sign because now they can start working on having Boone move those other four fingers.

It was really exciting for him that he could tell himself to do something and he did it, and so that was pretty exciting for him, said Bailey Jo Bartlome.

Bailey Jo says Boone has had a pretty tough week.

He has been experiencing stomach pains, but say Boone would rather feel pain than nothing at all.

Boone has also been working really hard in therapy. He is putting in 40 hours a week working to regain his strength.

Bailey Jo says hopefully his hand will be moving again soon so Boone can start playing video games.

She says Boone is staying positive and his eating is getting back to normal, and that's giving him strength too.

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