MERIDIAN -- The busiest intersection in the state is getting more and more traffic, with new shops opening all the time, including at the new Village at Meridian that opened exactly a month ago.

It's now just a week now until we go into full-blown holiday shopping, and the intersection of Fairview Avenue and Eagle Road in Meridian is sure to be packed. The Idaho Transportation Department says it is the busiest intersection in the state.

The Village at Meridian General Manager Hugh Crawford says in the several weeks since grand opening, they haven't had any customer complaints about traffic or parking issues.

We're at the busiest intersection in the state, but the way we were designed was projected based on what the traffic demands were going to be. So we have multiple entrances in and around the shopping center, and the customers have been finding their way around very easily, Crawford said.

Many customers in the entire area we talked to said they know it's a busy intersection and can be a hassle, but they feel like the traffic can be indicative of economic growth and jobs.

I think it's very busy around rush hour, which is everywhere pretty much, but especially busy here since all these new businesses have opened. Which is good for all the jobs, but it has created a lot more traffic on the roads, said Sydney Bartosz, who was applying for a job in the complex.

In terms of the busy shopping season ahead, with Black Friday next week, some customers said they were shopping this week to avoid what they anticipate will be huge crowds between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Crawford says they don't have any specific plans to change anything for traffic flow for holiday shopping, and he says their more than 4,000 parking spots should be enough for shoppers.

We're in pretty good shape. People just need to remember to be patient. Maybe park a little bit farther out. It's going to be easier, you're going to be more calm and your shopping day will be much more pleasant, Crawford said.

The Ada County Highway District says Eagle Road is the source of most questions and complaints about traffic signals, but they haven't had any more complaints than normal since the Village opened.

ACHD will have a traffic engineer in early next Friday morning to watch that area and the area around the Boise Towne Square Mall. With monitoring, they can physically control the traffic lights and try to unclog problem areas.

Last year, for example, they controlled the lights at Eagle Road and Ustick Road to give more green time to those headed north and turning left. That was needed because Kohl's was drawing major traffic . Engineers say the new retail area at The Village will give them another major area to focus on during Black Friday shopping.

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