BOISE -- A Garden City man is making an amazing recovery from a nearly fatal accident.

24-year-old Alan Beavers was hit on Chinden Boulevard while walking home on August 24th.

Doctors didn't think he would make it, and his family feared the worst.

For weeks, Beavers struggled to come out of his coma. He had broken bones, internal injuries, and bleeding on his brain.

His father, Monty Beavers, says through it all they hoped and prayed he would pull through.

From the first two weeks of tubes down his throat in ICU, eyes closed, no eyes open, and then a few weeks later eyes are open, but it's just a blank stare at the ceiling, said Monty.

His parents watched the slow progress, and after some dark days, came a special sign.

It was a Friday night, on September 27th, when Alan opened his eyes, then looked directly at a nearby nurse, hoping for a hug.

He reached out his arm like to give her a hug, and she bent down and he gave her a hug, and that's the time when we really started seeing progress, said Monty.

His parents after that moment they knew that their son would be okay. Over the last 74 days he has healed.

And so we just feel really blessed, really fortunate, said Monty.

Alan is now walking with help, and he's just started talking as well.

His memory is also getting better, as his personality is beginning to peep through.

His parents call their son tough and an inspiration whose fighting through an almost deadly accident.

Where he was to where he is today, said Monty. It's been a miracle. He's our little miracle man.

Alan's parents have another message to all drivers -- be careful and don't drive distracted.

They know firsthand how in just one second so many lives can change because of carelessness behind the wheel.

As for the accident, police have arrested 19-year-old John French who faces several charges including leaving the scene of an accident.

Alan could be discharged later this month.

His parents hope he'll be home by Thanksgiving, and they are also hopeful for a full recovery.

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