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CASCADE -- Interim incumbent Rob Terry defeated former mayor Dick Carter for the office that oversees Cascade's fewer than 1,000 residents.

Businesses, neighbors and residents expressed strong opinions on what could be called a controversial election.

On Tuesday, signs bearing the candidates' names stood proudly in the snow on both sides of Cascade's Main Street. Oftentimes, differing opinions fell within only a few short feet of one another.

Carter resigned from the position in early 2013 after allegations of sexual harassment and and inappropriate comments. Carter says the resignation was actually an accident and that the letter of resignation he drafted was to get the good ol' boys club to stop harassing him over changes he said needed to be made with the city golf course. The letter was discussed and the council voted in favor of his resignation at a city hall meeting in which Carter left early. The Cascade City Council appointed Terry to fill the position shortly after.

Terry said he knows some of the women involved in the harassment allegations and that city hall is no place to be like that. Carter, however, says the allegations are false. And said that some people in the city just don't like the way I talk.

Both candidates say that they're running for office because friends, neighbors and residents encouraged them to. But neither grew up dreaming of becoming a politician and both say they sort of fell into the position after they saw changes that needed to be made. For Carter that was politicians not making necessary changes to the city. For Terry, it was a city without a mayor.

Terry is passionate about bringing more money into the community by harvesting geothermal energy. This town is broke. We have a real lack of funds, said Terry. He also plans to improve Cascade by paving more roads and improving the city's sewer infrastructure.

Carter's passion lies in bringing more jobs to the community. I don't want to see this town die, he said. Carter was instrumental in bringing Kelly's Whitewater Park to the city and he says more projects of that nature will bring more people, and more money, into the city.

Race results:

73% Rob Terry (232 votes)
20% Richard Carter (62 votes)
7% Toby Hawkins (23 votes)

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