BOISE -- The City of Boise is running an open space bond to purchase more land in the foothills and near the river, and to create some parks.

The open space bond is about $15 million to preserve public lands for recreation and clean water, as well as improve and add parks in Southwest Boise.

In 2001, Boise voters passed a $10 million levy to preserve open space, and $8.5 million of that has been spent. Supporters of the new bond say it is time to recommit to the cause. So far, they say their efforts have been well received by the public and they feel confident the open space bond will pass.

This is something if you care about the open spaces, care about the Boise image and our brand as City of Boise and the quality of living, we need you to get out there and vote for this, said Yes Yes for Boise Co-Chair, Brice Sloan.

Folks on the other side of the issue do not feel this is the best use of taxpayer money.

We already have so much public space, so much open space, and so many parks, they can't manage what they have and every time they take another acre off of the tax rolls that means the existing taxpayers have to pay more, said Mike Tracy, who is speaking out against the bond.

Tracy believes the city already has enough money to buy some of this open space, but instead is turning to voters. He said 23 percent of Ada County is already publicly owned, which means almost one in four acres are public land. Tracy thinks there is enough open space already.

Election Day is November 5, and this is one of two bonds being voted on in Boise.

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