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CANYON COUNTY -- Seven high school students were involved in a fiery car crash Friday night.

It happened at the intersection of Highway 20-26 and Franklin Blvd. in Canyon County.

The fire, which broke out in the red pickup truck carrying the seven teens, was quickly put out by Nampa firefighters.

Idaho State Police say a gray truck tried to make a left-hand turn in front of the red pickup, and as a result, three people were taken to the hospital including both drivers and a passenger in the red pickup.

ISP says the red pickup was full of seven teens headed to a football game, and say the kids are very lucky that they weren't seriously hurt.

The fire department showed up, put those fires out. Didn't cause anymore injuries to anymore people so we were lucky there, said ISP Sergeant Sam Ketchum

ISP didn't know what caused the fire to start in the pickup, but do say it does not appear alcohol was involved just a failure to yield appropriately.

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