BOISE-- A lawmaker from Meridian said he filed paperwork today to begin raising money for a possible challenge against Governor Butch Otter.

State Senator Russ Fulcher said he doesn't agree with Otter's decision to establish a state-run health insurance exchange.

He said he hasn't decided to run in 2014 but is exploring the possibility.


By now, you may have heard some chatter from folks who have asked me to challenge Governor Otter in the Republican primary next year. To date, I've simply been honored to represent my district in the Idaho State Senate and not aimed to use that position to posture for a higher office.

But for some time now, countless people from all over Idaho have contacted me and encouraged me to run. I'm writing today to let you know that I am now prayerfully considering these requests.

By the next election, Governor Otter will have already served two terms in office, and I am concerned that he has lost touch with the will of the people of Idaho. His regrettable decision to voluntarily thrust Idaho into Obamacare exemplifies this.

Today, I am submitting the appropriate paperwork to begin the exploratory process. I will treat this process with the utmost seriousness and humility it requires. From listening to citizens from across the state to meeting with key community activists, I plan to take this time to seek wise counsel and determine if I am the right person to help Idaho grow while preserving its rich heritage and traditions.

I am confident that should I run, I would be well-positioned to win, especially with the help of qualified staff and the assistance of the grassroots community.

I look forward to talking with you more as the process progresses.

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