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BOISE -- School kids took to the foothills above Boise on Thursday, to help prevent future wildfires.

The kids from Boise's Riverstone International School, spread native grass see over more than two acres in the Castle Rock Reserve.

The area was overrun by invasive species like cheatgrass, and was recently grazed by goats.

By planting native grass seeds, fire experts hope to reduce fuels that could lead to devastating wildfires.

I mean you look at the catastrophic wildfires that have occurred recently - the Pony Complex Fire, the Elk Complex Fire, you know, where several homes were burned down, you know Hailey, Ketchum, Sun Valley, and that piques interest in wildfire mitigation., said Jerry McAdams, Wildfire Mitigation Specialist for the Boise Fire Department. And so the kids, in talking to them prior to the project, they understand the importance of what they're doing and trying to provide a fuel break if you will, for the communities in our area

Several other seeding projects are also taking place in other parts of the foothills, including the Fort Boise Military Reserve and Quail Ridge.

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