BOISE - If there's one thing that folks can agree on. It's that Boise's parks are a welcome escape. With 98 parks and almost 2,000 acres of Parkland, chances are you're never far away from one.

That includes the city's newest: Terry Day Park on Federal Way, just off Kootenai Street.

The 7-acre park was donated in 2006 by Patrick Day, a former Albertson's employee whose wife Terry passed away at the age of 75 just a year later. Family members say Terry Day loved conservation, gardening, and tennis. City leaders plan to dedicate her park on Tuesday, October 15.

Terry Day Park currently includes a walking path, fish pond, shade trees, and picnic tables. Future plans call for a playground, tennis courts, and picnic shelter. Parks and Recreation Dept. Director Doug Holloway says the site could eventually house a small community center.

We would like to parks to be walkable, for the neighborhoods, said Holloway, who uses the term service level to describe the distance between parks.

Holloway says the city's current service level means he's busy planning and maintaining neighborhood parks every half-mile.

It's also part of Mayor Dave Bieter's $32 million civic bond that city officials are planning to put to a vote on November 5.

Bieter's bond includes major funding earmarked for new fire and police services. Holloway says it also includes about $5 million for new parkland in the city.

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Bieter explained his rationale during Boise's 2013 State of the City address, commenting that Boise's open space was one of its most vital resources, and needed to be financially protected.

We found that some very important needs of the city, capital needs, we could not address with our existing revenues, Bieter said.

And while Terry Day Park was donated to the city and not paid for (similar to Esther Simplot Park, which is currently under development), Holloway says it will certainly make more parkland available to the folks near Federal Way.

We did research, and there's more than 900 K-through-12-age school kids in this service area, alone, Holloway told KTVB.

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