BOISE -- On Thursday night, the family of a 23-year-old drowning victim came together with the community to raise awareness about water safety and raise money for a new scholarship in his name.

Taylor Wood died July 20, just days after his honeymoon with his wife Michelle. He drowned in the Boise River while boogie boarding.

To carry on his spirit and raise awareness, Hannah's bar in downtown Boise held a fundraiser called The Domino Effect . The name comes because Taylor Wood started something with his friends years ago, making a domino necklace he'd give to his closest friends.

You know it just kind of started more so after his death. The domino has this meaning of him having an effect on everybody after his death by looking at his life, said Michelle Wood, Taylor's wife.

Taylor's family helped put together the fundraiser for a scholarship that will go to Cole Valley Christian graduating seniors who want to go to technical school.

Taylor was a mechanic and a hands-on learner, said Carla Wood, Taylor's mom.

It's what would make Taylor really happy, to be able to do something like this, said Gary Wood, Taylor's dad.

Taylor was always on the go. Always doing something. Always calling up his friends, getting everybody together to hang out. There was never a dull moment with Taylor. He kept me on my toes, and he was really compassionate and a strong Christian, said Michelle Wood.

Taylor's family also worked with the Boise Fire Department to remind people about water safety, even if they're strong swimmers, like Taylor was.

The message out of that is: Although the river looks peaceful and we see a lot of people recreating on the river, and it is a fun place to recreate and generally safe to recreate on, that things can change in an instant and they can get catastrophic quickly, and even the best swimmers out there can become victims of the river, said Paul Roberts, Boise Fire Division Chief of Special Operations.

With the reminders at the fundraiser, family and friends hope the dominoes will keep falling, with others continuing to pass the message.

Hopefully we're carrying Taylor's legacy forward to carry the message to help each other in every way possible, and be kind. You never know where anyone's at in life, said Rocci Johnson, Hannah's owner.

I started saying this yesterday: When there's purpose in pain, there's always a promise of hope, Carla Wood said. So we are finding if we can help someone else, in water safety or just love someone else, there's purpose in that. And it's just a promise that things will carry on.

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