BOISE -- Elaine Martin portrayed herself as a hard-working businesswoman who battled her way to prominence in the West's male-dominated highway-construction world.

Meanwhile, Darrell Swigert, an investor in Martin's roadway guard rail installer MarCon Inc. and her romantic partner, spoke fondly about giving money his family made in Colorado's gas fields to boost Idaho youth hockey.

This week, however, a 12-person jury in U.S. District Court in Boise added a layer of tarnish to their biographies, convicting them of crimes that could send Martin to prison for two decades and put Swigert behind bars for the next five.

Martin was found guilty of 22 criminal counts in her scheme to win MarCon millions in federal construction projects that should have gone to economically-challenged businesses.

Jurors concluded Swigert helped cover it up.

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