BOISE -- Boise Police debuted the new 10-to-10 tailgating zone at the season's first home game on Saturday. The rule allows fans to drink alcohol at tailgates in an expanded area, including nearby Julia Davis Park

Alcohol is plastic cups has previously been allowed at tailgates in the Bronco Stadium parking lot. Now that area has been expanded to include some streets and parks where police found lots of tailgaters. The idea was brought to Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson by officers who work the games.

We've expanded the alcohol zone into the neighborhoods, so people can more easily enjoy the games without having to worry about enforcement issues, said Officer Guy Bourgeau, with the Boise Police Department.

Bourgeau went out to make sure people are understanding and following the new rules on Saturday.

Since this is new, we're going to go through more of an education phase, he said. We're going to talk to the people, educate them about the new ordinance and the rules that go along with it.

Officers kept their eyes out for people breaking other rules or causing problems.

You're still going to look for the problem people that are disturbing people's time at the game, said Bourgeau.

Tailgaters that KTVB spoke with seemed to like the new rules.

It's nice that we can come out here and enjoy it and not wonder what the rules are, said Sean Vincent.

We've always enjoyed coming out and having a couple drinks, and now we don't have to worry about it, said Lisa Vincent. So we can support the Broncos and the police can focus on some other things.

Jim Kerns is a former officer with Boise Police, now enjoying the other side of tailgating.

That's what college football is all about is that tailgating experience, said Kerns. And if you're rowdy and you're outta control, then you deserve to be challenged and you deserve to get a ticket if that's what you get. But if you're just having a good college atmosphere, that's what it's all about.

The tailgating zone has a sunset provision, which means after this football season, the mayor, city council, and police will meet and decide where to go with this ordinance.

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