SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -- Spokane County Sheriff's officials arrested a man after he allegedly invaded a home in Spokane Valley and disobeyed deputy's commands.

Christopher Lang, 31, allegedly entered the bedroom of a homeowner and stood over her bed. The woman said she thought it was her husband entering the home. She said when she looked up, Lang was standing over her bed laughing. She said she has never met him.

The woman said she yelled at Lang before he left the room. She said she found him next sitting on the couch of her living room. Her husband came home a few minutes later and said he followed Lang as he left their home.

An official who arrived on the scene said he found Lang on Argonne and ordered him to stop several times. Lang allegedly did not follow the order so the official tased him and put him under arrest. Lang had to be treated at a local hospital for the taser wound.

Officials booked Lang on charges of residential burglary, obstructing, resisting arrest, and third degree theft.

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