SCAPPOOSE, Ore. -- A young couple came running to help a man who died Saturday in a gyrocopter crash near the Scappoose Industrial Airpark Saturday afternoon.

The pilot crashed just off West Lane Road around 2 p.m. The couple ran to the scene, pulling him out of the aircraft, but he was already dead, according to Lt. Norman Miller with Scappoose police.

Lisa and Austin Peel were watching planes at the airport with their 10-month old son when they saw the crash.

We saw the gyrocopter go down and decided it's wasn't a good thing, so we came over to at least make sure the guy was OK, Austin Peel said. We patted out as much fire as we could to at least get to him.

I went in and tried to look for him and thought Icould save his life and that wasn't the case, Lisa Peel said. We at least dragged him out of the fire and stayed with him as long as we could. Even though he was gone, he wasn't alone. He didn't pass alone.

Responding firefighters showed up and extinguished the rest of the fire.

A gyrocopter is a small light-weight propeller-powered aircraft (example: right. Credit: outback traveler)

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KGW reporter Erica Heartquist contributed to this report.

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