EAGLE -- The Eagle City Council voted Tuesday night to move forward with a new, year-round terrain park concept. The design includes a 15-year-lease with the City of Eagle at its popular bike park at 3200 Mountain View Drive.

The brainchild of former professional snowboarder and Olympic terrain park designer Ryan Neptune, the facility is designed to serve tubers, skiers, and snowboarders in the winter, while also featuring a wakeboard park in the summer months.

The project will require the construction of a one-acre reservoir, cabling system to tow wakeaboarders, and snow-making equipment.

Construction could begin as early as next month, with operations possibly underway by later in the winter season. The wakeboard park could be in operation by 2014.

Tuesday's decision to green light the project was not without controversy, as folks in Eagle have raised concerns about traffic, noise, the environment and water use.

Councilman John Grasser said he supports the project, but with reservations. He was the sole council member to vote no. on the project.

In any agreement like this with a lot of unknowns that we have, I'm concerned about doing an initial term of 15 years, said Grasser.

Councilman Mark Butler said further concerns would be addressed as the project moves along.

A lot of other things got addressed during this, noise and lights and so forth, said Butler. And to me that's all land planning, that's all part of design review applications.

Those in favor of the park say it will give kids something to do, provide recreation for families and bring in money for the City of Eagle.

I've just been thrilled to think this could actually come to our city, since Ryan and I walked that months and months ago and envisioned what this could be, said Councilwoman Mary Defayette.

Neptune also spoke at Tuesday's meeting, saying he's never seen this type of controversy surround any of his other parks. Still, he thinks Eagle is the right place for this terrain park to be a success.

I think it's going to do really well, said Neptune. This is an ideal community, it's an ideal weather pattern. The valley is full of recreational people, and I think it's going to be one of the most successful things here.

Neptune said the contract with the City of Eagle is the most detailed on any of his projects.

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