ELMORE COUNTY -- Evacuations in Pine and Featherville continue as the Elk Complex Fire is still burning and only around a quarter contained.

On Thursday night, at a community meeting in Mountain Home we learned no new structures have burned, but owners of the 71 structures that have burned in the Fall and Lester Creek areas last week were at the meeting to learn more.

Some of the home and cabin owners say they are waiting on more information or confirmation about their property from the Elmore County Sheriff's Office.

At the meeting, Elmore County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Mike Barclay said the area looks like a warzone, and they had to get around a lot of fallen trees and dangerous areas to go in and find out which homes were gone before confirming anything.

What I'd like to say on behalf of the sheriff's office, we really apologize. Did we do everything right? No. We learn from these situations. We learn from catastrophes, major events like this. We apologize to the property owners that we have not been able to get to you, but I want to emphasize to you that we have done everything that we can do to properly identify that so we do not provide you with misleading information, said Barclay.

Barclay also explained why they couldn't save the homes showing a photo of a fire line crews started but couldn't finish for the firefighters' safety, Barclay says they had to pull the people out of the fast approaching fire.

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