CALDWELL -- Imagine being 9 years old, and having your bike stolen. That's just what happened to Koby Wilkinson this week in Caldwell.

It's what happened next that he won't forget. And it's all thanks to a group of generous Caldwell police officers.

After the bike was stolen, Koby's grandma called police.

We swung by and that's when I met Kobe, sitting out in the front yard, said Caldwell Police Sgt. Joey Hoadley. His bike got stolen when he ran inside to watch a movie.

He was devastated, said Koby's mom, Jessica. It was really hard on him.

Sgt. Hoadley could relate.

For some reason, this one stuck with me, Hoadley said. When I was a kid about Koby's age the same thing happened to me. Ran inside to eat lunch, came outside and my bike was gone.

Hoadley felt his pain, and wanted to do something for Koby. That's when he had an idea. Maybe we should just go out and buy him a bike and surprise him in the morning.

He went to WalMart in Caldwell, and the manager there graciously offered to donate a bike to Koby.

The next day, Hoadley along with a line of patrol cars pulled up in front of Koby's house. Then they popped open the trunk and pulled out a brand new bike.

I was really excited, said Kobe.

Koby's mom, Jessica, was just as surprised to hear what happened. He was just ecstatic, I was overjoyed, I couldn't believe this had actually happened.

But it did happen. Koby was able to ride again.

Instead of a negative thing that he remembers his whole life, it's a positive and that was our goal, said Hoadley.

Goal accomplished.

It was a great lesson for him not only to take care of his bike, but that there are truly people out there who care, said Jessica. They are heroes. Such great guys that cared about my son and did this for him. It touched me and will remain in our hearts forever.

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