CAMASCOUNTY -- Crews are still fighting a wildfire that is threatening homes and ranches near Fairfield.

The McCan Fire ignited Wednesday from a series of lightning strikes. On Thursday, it had blackened 5,000 acres. By Friday night, that figure had grown to more than 15,000 acres.

The Beaver Creek Fire is burning is also burning to the north of Highway 20 and has charred about 16,000 acres.

The two fires have not merged yet, but are burning very close to one another. Those fires are now being called the Beaver Creek Complex Fire.

Thursday night, the Bureau of Land Management felt like things were going well, but the McCan Fire jumped several fire lines and tripled in size.

It has destroyed two homes or cabins, five outbuildings, and killed about 100 head of cattle.

Structures are still being threatened and crews are on scene to protect those buildings.

If the fire stays on its current path, Soldier Mountain ski resort should be spared by the fire. That's if the wind does not change direction.

A Type 2 Incident Management Team was brought in today.

It's a tough fire to fight because it burning in range lane on west end and in the forest to the north.

Air support is critical on this fire and helicopters with water buckets and air tankers making retardant drops are fighting this fire in the timber.

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