CANYON COUNTY Sunday, families were packed into the Canyon County fairgrounds for the first ever family day, with no smoking and no alcohol.

KTVB spoke to families who said they enjoyed and appreciated the day, very much.

I promised my daughter a week ago that we would take her, said Canyon County resident Amanda Deleo.

She said her family appreciated having an opportunity to not be around cigarette smoke.

Especially with smoking it affects all of the children and everyone around you because it s second hand smoke, she pointed out. It can affect you as well and alcohol sometimes people can overdo it.

The same was true for Tom and Tahlia Norman, who also came out to the fair for family day. They told us about all the little things their family loves about the fair.

Riding the rides seeing the animals and just enjoying the day, said Tahlia. Family, she reiterated.

For her, the no smoking was especially important, because she is expecting another member of the family.

Being pregnant it s nice to have the non smoking day, she said.

Deleo said family day was also a chance for her family to bond.

Just talking (today) how important it is to spend time with your children and grow up and teach them responsibility and have quality time because it just doesn't happen much, she said.

Bradly Combs of Middleton said he brought his family to the fair specifically for the no smoking and no alcohol.

Family day is what got us to come out here, said Combs. So its successful, we will definitely come again.

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