EAGLE -- Parents and students at an Eagle charter school are fighting to keep their school open. In late June, the Meridian School District said they were revoking the charter for North Star Charter School.

On Thursday, the Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE) told the North Star school board that their charter was still valid. Now the school has to prove to the Meridian School District that they should stay open, and then the school district will have a hearing with the school to determine whether the charter will be revoked.

Parents and students don't know why the district would want to revoke their charter.

I have no idea why anybody would want to shut down one of the top ranked schools in the state and in the nation, said Debbie Koutts, who has a child at the school. We have a rigorous format of academia here.

The district has told KTVB the school has financial issues. However, the students and parents here are not giving up.

We want to make sure that all of our parents and our community know that we're here. We're ready to open our doors and to love on our kids and to educate them, and we will be here on August 22, said Koutts.

Brooke Buetler will be a senior this fall, and she says she would not have the same caliber of education at a different school.

Our test scores are high, the kids are really learning a lot. Not only about English and math, but different life things, Buetler said.

Tenth grader David Schwartz said he likes the academic challenge.

It's definitely a smaller community than the others schools and the teachers pay more attention, he said. Smaller class sizes mean it's not as disruptive.

One North Star school board member told KTVB if the district tries to revoke their charter after the hearing, they plan to appeal to the SBOE.

When you're talking about one of the top schools in the state, about people thinking about closing it, people should be worried, people should be outraged, said Koutts. We're not going down without a fight. This school will be here.

Another North Star board member said that they have not lost any more teachers than usual, due to normal attrition. He said their numbers indicate they will have more students than last year when classes start this fall.

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