MERIDIAN -- After a car erupted in flames at a gas station with a man inside, Fast Eddy's employees and others rushed to help the man before emergency responders arrived.

I saw the car just on fire, and that's when everyone started running over there to see what was going on, said Fast Eddy's Manager Zach Eddy.

The bizarre fire happened just after 4:00 p.m. on Thursday in the parking lot of Fast Eddy's on Ten Mile Road in Meridian.

There are a lot of unknowns about the car fire that happened in the parking lot, like what triggered the fire. Employees saw the car running hours before the fire and say there was some fuel on the ground nearby, but no word on what ignited the blaze.

I was getting ready to head into the beer coolers to restock for the night, and one of our coworkers was walking out, Assistant Manager Devin Johnston said. I was walking past that window, and saw a bunch of smoke coming out of that gentleman's car. For a second, I thought it was just overheating.

After that it just got worse, flames started coming from the bottom, cashier Danyel Stager said. The car, the windows popped out, the tires melted. It all happened really fast.

That's when people realized there was a man inside. And as fast as the flames shot out, Johnston rushed in with other people to help, struggling to get the man out.

This other gentleman's like, 'We gotta get this guy out. The car's on fire!' So I just ran in there, and I just wrapped my arms around him, and I started pulling him out, Johnston said.

They pulled the man from the car and put him on the ground nearby. Eddy called 911, and emergency workers got there and took over.

Looking back, all of the employees say they'd do the same thing again: Rush into danger to help anyone.

Well, there's a guy in the car, so what else are you supposed to do? Johnston said.

I think it's great to see Devin ran over without hesitation to go pull him out. I think it's great how everyone was concerned about it, and everyone was trying to help. People were driving by the store and saw flames and came over and asked if we needed help with anything, Eddy said.

On Thursday night, the Meridian Police Department confirmed the man in the car was attempting suicide, and is not being charged with any crimes.

The department is praising the Fast Eddy's employees and others who stopped to help, calling them heroes who saved a man's life .

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