NAMPA-- Nampa schools, teachers, and students continue to feel the effects of a multi-million dollar budget shortfall in the school district as the budget continues to be slashed.

But, are Nampa businesses and the community as a whole are also feeling those effects?

The multi-million dollar shortfall has hit the Nampa School District hard.

The district is on its third superintendent in a year.

The current teacher contracts include 14 furlough days, although those are up for renegotiation in a week.

And, there's much higher-than-average teacher turnover.

How is all that affecting the rest of the community?

According to MLS numbers, real estate seems fine.

Debbie Kling with the Nampa Chamber of Commerce says no businesses have come to her with major concerns about the district's troubles. But, she does admit that the local schools are vital to business recruitment, with possible employees looking at schools first, before they decide if they'll come to a city like Nampa.

Kling and Nampa Mayor Tom Dale say they're positive the schools will get back on track because there's no other option.

Not coming up with high-quality education, that's not an alternative for any community, said Dale. And I have confidence, I have trust in the people that are in charge at that school district right now, that they're going to get this accomplished.

I know that my response is positive, said Kling. And sometimes, people like to hear something that is not as positive. But we're committed. The chamber is here to support the school district.

The mayor says he's met a number of times with the new Superintendent Pete Kohler and believes in his plan to dig the district out of this hole.

The Nampa Chamber of Commerce points to the Supply the Student Program as a way that local businesses and community members have already pitched in to help the struggling district.

That program raised thousands to help pay for school supplies that were cut last year.

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