BOISE - Twenty-seven American flags from Boise's North End are missing, stolen and police don't have a lot to go on.

Don't know if it was a prank or not, but to take all 27 flags, it boggles the mind. Yep, we were just blown away, said David Eichmann and Shelley Smith-Eichmann.

Several people who live along historic Harrison Boulevard woke up Thursday morning to see the flags missing. What's especially troubling to people is that it happened on the nation's birthday.

Harrison Boulevard is an area of Boise that really prides itself in history and honoring holidays. From Halloween to Christmas to Independence Day, the area decorates for the season. Now, this crime has left many feeling frustrated when they wanted to display their patriotism.

It's easy to see that something is missing from these light poles that line Harrison Boulevard. On July 3 the light poles had an American Flag and Idaho State Flag, one on each side, 12 feet above the ground.

David Eichmann and his wife Shelley Smith-Eichmann noticed the flags were missing when they woke up on the fourth.

Wondering why, it's just mind boggling trying to figure out why somebody would take them, said David Eichmann.

Police have few clues to work off of right now. They know the flags were up the night of the third and the morning of the fourth, they were gone. Officers know it took the North End Neighborhood Association nearly two hours to put the flags up.

I think they did it on the date and time that they did it to make a point. I don't know if it was to gain attention. Hopefully we catch them, said Lt. Paul Burch with the Boise Police Dept.

Homeowners hope for the same thing.

It's a bummer. It's just totally a bummer. It puts a damper on the Fourth of July for we in the neighborhood, said Shelley Smith-Eichmann.

It's just disappointing. We like to think there's maybe a logical reason, but we can't come up a good one. At least not a legal one, said David Eichmann.

Logical or not, the crime qualifies as a felony, grand theft. The North End Neighborhood Association got the flags back in 2001, after 9/11, when the Veterans of Foreign Wars helped them buy the flags at $50 each.

It's a disappointment on a holiday where were supposed to be celebrating our love of country, said David Eichmann.

Please give our flags back. Somebody out there knows where they are and we really want them back, said Shelley Smith-Eichmann.

Whoever took the American flags left all of the Idaho state flags, and they also left the American flags on the homes.

Because police and people who live in this neighborhood don't have a lot to go on, they're hoping someone may have been driving down this road last night and seen something.

If you have any information call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.

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