MOUNTAIN HOME The sequester has hit Mountain Home Air Force Base again.

Back in April the Department of Defense grounded the 391st Fighter Squadron.

On Tuesday, the notice of furloughs came down from the Pentagon.

There are nearly 400 civilian workers on the base that do everything from daycare and housing, to bookkeeping, maintenance and public information. And all of them will see a 20 percent cut in their work hours, and a 20 percent cut in pay.

Col. Byron Anderson, a vice commander at the base who helps oversee 3,900 military and civilian members, said the furloughs will have a ripple effect on everything and everyone on and off the base.

It's difficult, but these are great Americans and they understand what's going on, they understand what we're trying to do with the budget crisis, so they're handling it pretty well, but at the same time it's gonna hurt, said Anderson. These guys are going to suffer a 20 percent pay cut and it hurts them personally and it hurts their families, and it's gonna have an effect on the local community too.

The furloughs go into effect next week, and for most employees will be on Fridays.

One of them who has five children told us, I just don't know what I will do to make that up.

This furlough period will go through the fiscal year ending September 30th.

The grounded period for the 391st Fighter Squadron goes through October, so there is hope that the base will be back to normal operation numbers and hours sometime in the fall.

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