BOISE -- According to police, Boise man was arrested for attempted theft of a bicycle, trespassing, and possibly stealing a pick-up truck late Monday night.

Officers say they pieced together multiple reports from neighbors about 29-year-old Robert C. Templeman, in the neighborhood southwest of West State and Lander Streets. All reports came in separately to police at around 11 p.m..

Reports say Templeman tried to steal a bicycle from a bike rack on a homeowner's property. The resident of the home told him to leave, but Templeman kept coming back.

Later in the same neighborhood, officers found a Ford pick-up that had just been reported stolen by a different neighbor. An eye-witness was able to confirm Templeman as the man last seen driving the pick-up.

Police say the now have more evidence from the garage where the pick-up was parked that leads them to Templeman as a lead theft suspect.

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