GOVERNMENT CAMP, Ore. Mountain Rescue teams began the challenging task of recovering a body, which is believed to be missing climber Kinley Adams, from Mount Hood Sunday.

Teams recovered the body after 11 a.m. and started down the mountain a short time later. Authorities have not identified the body yet.

On Saturday afternoon, searchers in a Blackhawk helicopter spotted the body approximately 8,400 feet up the mountain.

Searchers from the Clackamas County Sheriff s Office said there was a high probability that the body was Adams who went missing on the mountain more than one week ago.

Teams left on foot at 3 a.m. Sunday to get to the body near the top of Sandy Glacier. The area is reportedly very dangerous and the terrain is very technical.

Crews from Deschutes County Mountain Rescue, including a medical examiner, were helping in the recovery effort. They want to be respectful to the deceased person but also want gather evidence to help explain the cause of death, a spokesman from the Clackamas County Sheriff s Office said.

The trip down the mountain is estimated to take 10 to 12 hours.

Adams set out to summit Mount Hood on Friday June 21. He was expected back by about 3 p.m. Saturday, after climbing the Leuthold Couloir that snakes up the west side of the mountain.

Background: High probability body on Mt. Hood is missing climber

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