BOISE -- The building that used to house the Boise Rescue Mission in downtown is being torn down.

Crews were out Tuesday tearing down the building at South 6th Street and West Front Street. The one next to it, which used to be an auto shop will also be torn down.

Clay Carley, with Old Boise LLC, said he acquired the property about six years ago. He was planning to redevelop it and passed a project through the City of Boise. Then the economy bottomed out, so he decided to hold off.

The intention is to build a public garage with a hotel on top, but until the market fully rebounds it's not feasible, said Carley. So since our neighbors across the street are putting in a Trader Joe's and I see that it's under-parked. I thought it would be a good opportunity to do just do a first step on this property, and demolish the buildings and put a temporary parking lot in.

Carley said this will accommodate the parking demand created by the Trader Joe's. The plan is for about 105 pay-to-park spaces, and the lot will be ran by Republic Parking.

Carley is still planning to build the garage and hotel when the economy rebounds.

I've had people be interested in leasing those buildings, but because they don't meet current fire safety code, occupancy codes, etcetera, the cost to re-position them for a short-term lease didn't make sense, said Carley. I don't like building parking lots in an urban center. That's really not good for development. But in the interim, until we can really fully develop the property, that makes sense.

The Boise Rescue Mission moved to their current location on South 13th Street in 2007, when they outgrew the Front Street location.

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