NINE MILE FALLS, Wash. -- Authorities took a Nine Mile Falls homicide suspect into custody on Tuesday around noon. The suspect, 27-year-old Jason Hart surrendered to authorities outside of the house along the14800 block of West Autumn Lane.

Law enforcement contacted the suspect around 11:30 a.m. and used a robot to negotiate with Hart. Authorities at the scene believed the suspect was armed and dangerous. However, deputies said Hart has no criminal history.

Authorities said they received a call about the killing at 2:42 a.m. The caller said that Hart killed his girlfriend. The caller said he was Hart s roommate. Deputies arrived at the scene and found a woman s body in a shed.

The victim s body was discovered in the garage in a tub of clear liquid according to deputies. Hazmat crews will investigate the liquid. Authorities described the liquid as powerful and potentially dangerous.

Authorities said five SWAT members were injured at the scene. They were exposed to a dangerous vapor according to deputies. Those SWAT members have been treated.

A hazmat crew was called to the scene to investigate. Deputies said the vapors could be from a methamphetamine lab on the property.

Deputies said two elderly people were taken from the home. At least four people live in the home according to authorities.

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