BOISE -- Boise Police say they're investigating how a woman died, after officers pulled her body from the Boise River Saturday morning.

Detectives are working with the Ada County Coroner's Office to identify the woman and find a cause of death.

Lynn Hightower with Boise Police says two people called 911 reporting what appeared to be a body floating in the river, just west of the Main Street bridge at 9 a.m..

The witnesses were able to watch and follow the body, directing rescuers to their location.

A Boise police officer, with help from the Boise Fire Dive Rescue team was able to reach the woman's body and pull her out near 38th Street in Garden City.

Rescuers say it was apparent that woman was dead.

Police say any additional details are still under investigation.

KTVB's Stephanie Zepelin talked to one of the residents who lives near where the body was eventually pulled out.

I just saw the emergency trucks come down there, and there was the dive unit and there were several police cars. And just all of the equipment that they bring in at a time like that, and I didn't know anything was going on. I really thought it was just a practice, because they do that along the river here ever once in a while, said Idell Craig, a resident living near the Boise River.

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