BOISE -- Memorial Day campers are used to a little unpredictability in Idaho's mountains this time of year, but there are some things that are even more out-of-the-ordinary this year.

We have some warnings for those heading to the Boise National Forest or the Payette National Forest this weekend.

Conditions are very dry in the Boise National Forest. Officials say it is dryer than previous Memorial Day weekends.

On top of that, the reservoir levels are low.

Rangers are asking you to be very careful if you're camping and lighting a fire, and to keep an eye on it.

They also ask you to make sure that your fire is completely out.

In the Payette National Forest, they are having the opposite problem. There is snow at high elevations and on north-facing slopes.

Several inches of snow fell on Brundage Mountain earlier this week. And the snow might stick around for a few more weeks.

Rangers say there are routes damaged by the rain and snow.

Be sure to check with the nearest ranger district for the latest updates on wherever you're going to spend your weekend.

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