EMMETT -- The Emmett School District had a $1.5 million levy on Tuesday's ballot, however voters chose not to pass the levy.

Emmett Superintendent Wayne Rush said the levy had two purposes.

About two years ago, after some major budget cuts, the district passed a $1 million levy for maintenance and operations and part of the new levy would have gone to replace that old levy.

The second piece was half a million dollars for maintenance projects.

Since the levy failed, the district is stopping the maintenance projects. However, cuts will still need to be made.

We're looking at some major cuts, said Rush. We're actually looking at reducing staff, we'll be reducing teacher staff, paraprofessional staff, we're (implementing a) hiring freeze.

There are also several positions being vacated that the district will no longer look to fill.

Rush said these cuts will result in a larger class size and he goes on to say that the layoffs are not optional.

He also said the district believes they did not prompt enough people to go out and vote for the levy. However, they are planning to run another levy.

We don't have the money to operate on otherwise, said Rush. These are not frivolous things that we're working on. These are actually part of the bone and marrow of how we're going to operate our district. So certainly we have to have this money to operate on.

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