BOISE -- Boise, like most cities, has had its share of ups and downs. From the very first shops and bars in the 1860's, to where this city is now, has been an evolutionary story with many twists and turns.

The largest city between Salt Lake and Portland has always meant people have few options when it comes to buying goods and entertainment.

But, the steady growth hit a huge speed bump in the mid-80's when the mall developers decided not to build downtown. And the hit the downtown corridor took because of that was devastating.

Restaurants and stores moved or closed, development stopped and the city was on life support.

But new ideas and incentives sparked new growth, beginning with the Grove Hotel and Boise Centre. Then BODO followed, and 8th Street became the hub for eating and drinking. Boise was back in business.

And, of course the cranes that tower above Jacks Urban Meeting Place between Front and Myrtle, and the Zions Tower are symbols of the re-birth of this city.

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